Americans love cars and coffee
  Americans are famous for their cars and drinking lots of coffee.Gasoline or ‘gas’ (British say ‘petrol’) is used to fuel a car.So people say “I need to fill up my tank” when they want to get gas.But Americans also will say this when they want some coffee.
  ——David Switzer
  美國人因他們所開的汽車、以及喝許多咖啡而聞名。Gasoline汽油 或者是縮寫為‘gas’(英國人叫做‘petrol’),它是汽車用的燃料。當他們想要加汽油的時候,人們會說“I need to fill up my tank我需要加滿我的油箱”。但是美國人在想要喝咖啡的時候,也會這樣說。  (原標題:美國人鐘愛汽車和咖啡)


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